The Trailer started of giving an uneasy feeling about the protagonist, the setting felt quite deranged and demented. Played by Kelly Macdonald as the lead she gives of psychotic vibes. In the scene she is getting counseled by an old woman who seems to be a Psychologist just adds on to the chills. The story seems to of a women who is driven to insanity because of the circadian routine of a housewife.

However, after the 30 seconds of negativity the trailer kicks in with a soft positive soundtrack flouting our concepts and starting of with a benevolent vibe. The character of the protagonist is revealed to be a kind woman who is a responsible mother and an obedient wife of an egoistic man. The family seems to be a male dominating one and the protagonist is unsettled since she is not able to find peace with her life.

In the next scene she is making a picture puzzle and as she completes, she  realises how happy it made her. She is discouraged by her husband and son as they say it’s just for children, but then she comes across a flyer that seeks for a puzzle partner. She gives in for the call and meets Irfan Khan, who seems to be participating in a puzzle championship.

The trailer is beautiful. It shows how a timid, unsettled mind of a woman turns courageous and more confident when she has set herself towards something. It is astonishingly wonderful how sometimes the tiniest things that may seem silly for someone may bring joy and peace to another. It shows how much it effects to be with people who are encouraging, positive and motivating.

I had this  warm feeling in my chest as it ended. It undid my negative imagination, I got this bright warm liberated feeling. It is beautiful how we all find our peace in things that are so different and unexpected. The fact the she sticks to it and stands for what she wants to do shows how driven she is. A person when lost and unsure can be so different from when it has a drive, a flow, a desire and ow important it is staying with people who lift you up.

“ Life is messy there is nothing you can do to control anything. When you complete a puzzle you know you have made all the right choices, to getting all the wrong pieces right.”

For people who like Slice of life, this is your thing. Housewives are definitely going to love it, and I as a woman, will have so much to relate.